N E W Y O R K Winter


When you look at this photo, what do you see? I see inspiration. There’s something about this photo that reminds me of the beginning of winter in New York. I’ve been to NYC one time in the winter (quite a while ago). I don’t remember much about it, but I do remember feeling inspired after viewing the tree and seeing the bliss run through people’s veins as they ice skated.

Dimly lit buildings bring a sense of clarity. It’s as if those windows are the channel to dive deep into as you sit, think and create.

They are the dimly lit souls that are creating at every moment. They are waiting for a moment of brightness to light them and bring their energy into the universe.

When you feel it, that moment of clarity, do your veins feel it too? The cloudy mist is slowly lifting, do you feel it?

The building, you see, how beautiful it is.


The Friendly Weekend


I want to say my weekends are friendly to me, but I would be telling you a lie. My weekends are often what I refer to as “the headache of a day”. Since being pregnant, I’ve noticed my weekends completely catch up to me.

I often find myself with a terrible headache and back pain.

I’m re-watching “Breaking Bad”, which is exciting to me. I watched it until I couldn’t watch it anymore. It made me feel like I had a little family inside the television. We weren’t going to go to any family dinner by any means, but it added to my friendly weekend.

I was very much a weekend where I felt like the universe understood my friendliness. We were on the same page. We knew back pain was a part of the plan and we also knew Jesse would be there to remind us that we aren’t junkies who have graffiti on our walls.

I take back what I said about “the headache of the day”. 

I really enjoyed my time off. Being pregnant shouldn’t dictate how I spend my hours inside my head. If anything, there are moments that tell me I got everything out of the weekend I should have expected.

I am certainly happy Marcus and I could enjoy it together as he grows in his little water balloon and watches from the dark inside.

More Rain (Trickle Down)


From the Seattle sky, you are falling

You are trickling your sweet surrender to the lovers below

They trail before you, ahead of steam

While most wish you’d disappear behind the clouds overhead, 

Many find your grace the perfect picture of 

the love affair.

While you grace your droplets on my rain coat, I ask you, 

“will you ever not find me?”

Show Me Close


A bird,

so simple

Flying in the Seattle breeze

…the Seattle rain.

The bird – and when it flies,

Finds a nest,

so close to their father bird.

The love you posses as you fly –

show me close.

Caress the wind, and show me close.


The Lights Spoke


I miss the lights, I miss the city. I never went far – it’s only 20 minutes away. Living in Japan changed my perspective on the global climate. The lights – they spoke. They told me I could do it. They told me I could overcome. The lights – they spoke. They asked me where I was going. I never knew the answer. They asked me again on a beautiful night and I said, “I’m already here”.