Crowdfunding for Cold Weather

Tis’ the season for chilly weather! Unfortunately, as colder weather rolls in, there are many who are without shelter and those who work long hours with few opportunities to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the fresh air. Here are two crowdfunding ideas for cold weather.

  • Create Hygiene Kits

There is a need to create hygiene kits for those less fortunate. Putting together a crowdfunding campaign for this project doesn’t require much money (which is the great part). To create hygiene kits, first find a shelter or community organization that collects hygiene kits for distribution. Start a crowdfunding page with a budget of around $200. Purchase a set of backpacks from the store and fill them with items such as: lotion, tissues, hats, a small blanket, granola bars, feminine products, gloves and socks. Distribute the backpacks on your own or donate them for social workers to pass out as needed.

  • Host a Parents Night Out

Two-hundred to three-hundred dollars would be the max necessary to pull off this project. For the parents who work hard and deserve a night out, this is a simple and quick project to put together. It’s an opportunity to create an event for kids to attend so that parents can have a night out — dinner and a movie, maybe? First and foremost, advertise for a Parents Night Out. Create flyers at your child’s daycare, school or after school activity. Find a location (churches are usually open and willing) to host a kids fun night. Think of a theme for the night…maybe a crafts night, movie night or sundae making night. Buy the supplies and you’re ready to go. Set a drop-off and pick-up time for parents to pick up their children. Volunteers are a must for this project…and who wouldn’t want to volunteer their time for a night of fun?
Give these two crowdfunding projects a try. They’re easy to execute and don’t require more than a few hundred dollars. Hygiene kits can be created as the weather gets warmer and new, weather appropriate items can be placed in the backpacks. A Parent Night Out can be done once a month. There’s never a limit on a night of relaxation.


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