Views From The Pawn Shop

Everyone goes for one reason. We are subject to our re gifting tendencies. We hate to keep things. Isn’t it easier to have money? We surely knows it gets spent faster.

The 90s DVD player won’t get sold. I didn’t need to tell you that.

I walk in and it’s like I’ve walked into an old Blockbuster. We’re selling the television today. When we’ve picked out a ring of our liking, we speak to the store owner. Much to our surprise, the owner asks of if we will trade the television for the ring. I mean, that’s okay with me. I’m not losing out on anything.

The woman next to us exchanged a watch for a computer monitor. It’s all crap. Every single piece of it is crap.

The pawn shop takes our crap as if to remind us to never buy in the first place because it will all end up in one place: the pawn shop.


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