What I Need and My Excuses

For a while now I’ve told myself I need just one more thing to ensure I get my work done. I look on every website I can think of in an attempt to find the newest and coolest thing that will bring my level of expertise to its highest.  It could be a class I think will help make my resume stand out more. It could be a lecture on YouTube. It’s probably more of a ‘thing’ I think I need like a new way to organize my desk or a new journal that will overwhelm me with daily tasks.

I am creating excuses to get things done. (Is that because I don’t want to get anything done?) I never truly work with what I have because what I have doesn’t feel like enough. The trouble in trying to overcome the hurdle I’ve made for myself.

I evaluate what I have, the experiences I’ve endured and the moments I know are coming. Will that be enough? Is that enough pressure to get myself working?



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