It’s Spring, Time to Brighten Your Workspace

It’s spring time. Time to turn the mattress, let in the sunlight, plant basil and thyme and let plants fill the air with fresh oxygen.

This year, vow to increase the number of plants in your home, particularly in your workspace. Do it for yourself, the air, and the beautiful feeling you get inside when you see a freshly planted flower.

There are so many great houseplants that purify the air, but there’s one air purifier that’s making its rounds in workplace accessories. The Clarity is an incredibly smart natural air purified powered by real plants. It’s all natural with no filters. Easy, huh?

Their mantra for health living is clear: “Clairy combines the power of nature and technology to eliminate indoor pollution and analyze it.”

Clarity stresses the importance of understanding indoor air quality and the effect IAQ has on our bodies, productivity and overall functioning. Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution and we spend 90% of our time indoors.

So if you work at home, Clarity might be the option for you. Its design is based simply on the plants themselves and requires little effort to keep the plants alive.

Without spending an arm and a leg, there are other options to brighten your workspace and add a spring flair. Try these plants to add a little spring to your workspace!

The Boston Fern

A Boston Fern needs a cool environment to thrive. This fern is perfect for an office space because it’s very low maintenance. Boston fern leaves will turn yellow if the humidity is not high enough, so be sure the humidity pleases the plant too! If your Boston fern’s fronds are turning yellow, make sure to increase the humidity around the plant. Boston Fern requires a watering once a month, so it’s low maintenance and beautiful to look at.

English Ivy

English Ivy plants look beautiful in a brightly lit room. Ivy plants are relatively easy to upkeep. They require a watering each day and a light dusting from potential critters. Make sure to provide ivy with proper drainage as it grows better if it’s not standing in water. Place atop of your desk and carry on with your day.

The Garden Mum

The garden mum is a natural air purifier. Mums should be planter bound and cared for with regular watering. It’s the perfect plant to sit right on your desk. It naturally removes air particles such as ammonia and xylene. The garden mum blooms in a variety of colors, so whether you like bright and vibrant or the color of the vixen in the night, a garden mum is perfect for that.

Whichever plant suits you best, add a plant or two to your work space for cleaner living and brighter mornings.

P.S. Your lungs will thank you.


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