The Expenses of Being a Lady

Being a woman versus being a man. So clearly there are some obvious differences.

Let’s break this down to understand just how expensive it is to be a woman.

There’s that wage-gap thingy

In the United States, women make about $40,742 and men make about $50,212 per year. If a woman is living in a cheap apartment that costs about $550 a month, that’s $6,600 per year for rent. Granted, a man could pay a similar amount, but let’s say, for instance, that with the $6,600 deducted from a yearly salary leaves about $33,872.

The dreaded tampon discussion

In a wonderfully perfect way, women use about 240 tampons per year. An average box of tampons costs about $6.99. If we do the math, that’s about $46.00 just to soak up some juices! Forty-six dollars could go towards a tank of gas, a monthly internet bill or even a credit card payment.

Expensive shampoos (just want my hair clean)

It’s uncanny the difference between the price of shampoo for men versus women. Men’s Dove shampoo costs$ 5.68 (25.4 oz) while women’s shampoo costs in the ballpark of $12.53. This is just one example, of course.

Make-up expenses

Make-up is a choice (don’t get me wrong)! For the majority of women, make-up is the haven to feel beautiful and accentuate fine characteristics. It’s an expensive undertaking. For a basic makeup kit, one might have foundation ($12 for the less expensive brand), blush (anywhere between $5-15 on average), mascara (about $7) and an eyeshadow or 2 (about $6). That’s a grand total of $30 for the most basic of makeup necessities. That’s $30 that feels like a semi-obligation but should in no way dictate whether or not makeup is a necessity.

Some other cool stats

The Department of Consumer Affairs released some interesting statistics. Women spend about…

  • 7 percent more for toys and accessories
  • 4 percent more for children’s clothing
  • 8 percent more for adult clothing
  • 13 percent more for personal care products
  • 8 percent more for senior/home health care products

So is it that women spend more money or is this idea of a Woman Tax a real thing?


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