The Simplest of Rooms

Living Room Set

This is a picture of my living room (up above). I refer to it as the simplest of rooms. It consists of a small rug to give the room a little depth, three floor chairs and one ottoman. There’s a table, but I will admit that’s more of a candle holder than a table. When we have guests, there’s often the question of…where do we sit? We say…close to nature. I’ve adapted a very minimalistic lifestyle as of late. I’m not fully committed as I feel the minimalistic lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. And I haven’t reached the highlights of that journey just yet. I do practice the art of decluttering and asking myself what adds value.

I tell people we sit close to nature because that’s how I feel we were intended to sit (and exist). The closer to nature, the more in tune our bodies are and behave.

Having a very simple living room has allowed for more clarity in other aspects of my life. For example, I like to write in this space. Sitting on the floor provides a level of comfort knowing I’m in the purest form. I also have a great view of the backyard, which provides simplistic comfort during parts of the day when I become frustrated.

I feel grounded when I sit close to the floor. I like looking at a bare space as it provides a level of creativity. The bareness invites creativity. I aspire to do exactly that.

We made the coffee table from scraps we found on the side of the road. We decided to use back splash as the surface. It was $1 per slate. There’s an element of stone — I like that one the most. The table does not have an array of magazines or coasters. It’s there when it needs to be and hidden when it should be.

What I’m getting at here is the absolute clarity having less provides for me. When I lived in Japan, floor seating was it. There were rarely instances when I saw a giant couch with cup holders and sophisticated leather. Less is more, more is less.


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