‘Girls’ is a Realization For Us All

“You can always make the decision to be better” – Hannah/Lena

The final episode of “Girls” aired last night. It was gut-wrenching.  Hannah finally has some peace at the end of this episode!

I’ve been watching ‘Girls’ for as long as it’s aired (6 years, I think). I really dislike the characters but I think that’s part of why I love the show. Each character annoys me in some type of way, probably because they’re all a little narcissistic and can’t seem to mirror other people’s emotions. It’s a testament to the personality shift we see in society.

During the last episode, we see Hannah as the compassionate human we’ve all wanted her to be. She is now living in the countryside with her son, Grover. She’s living with Marnie (at least for the time being) while Marnie figures out her sense of purpose after years of feeling unsettled.

There are many themes in this episode but the one that stood out the most is Hannah’s sense of peace. At the beginning of the episode, Hannah is frustrated that Grover will not latch. She managed to run out of the house in a baggy pair of pants and a hoodie. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into a bratty teenager who appears to be in despair. Come to find out, the teenager is just upset at her mother who had asked her to finish her homework. Hannah sees herself in this girl. Hannah’s character has largely complained throughout the series over the most minor of things. Hannah offers to give the teenager her pants and shoes. After learning the girl is just being a catty and the selfish version of herself, she asks for the girl to return her pants. She doesn’t return the pants. I laughed – it was a little slap in the face to Hannah. This is the point in the series where we see Hannah as a more motherly figure.

Fast forward…

Hannah is now pants-less and walking home.  She’s followed home by a cop who “just wants to make sure she gets home okay”. As she approaches the front porch, she is greeted by Marnie and her mother. I think this is the point in Hannah’s existence that she finally gets down to the root of what she’s been missing: acceptance and love. After all her heartache and moaning and groaning, there, sitting on the porch, were the two people she cares about the most. They welcome her with open arms, EVEN AFTER 6 YEARS OF NARCISSISM.

The last scene ends with Hannah holding Grover and GROVER FINALLY LATCHES. Right before the credits, Hannah shows a sigh of relief as her frustration over breastfeeding finally comes to a close. She’s a mother.

Bam. The credits roll.

Fast Car‘ was the appropriate song choice for the credits. I often seek comfort in this song when changes are brewin’. It was only appropriate that Hannah sing this song solo during a moment of motherly love she embraces with Grover.

The series is over. In my mind, I will continue to picture what their lives are like now. No Adam for Hannah and a Jessa I think we should all be friends with.



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