Gong Baths + The Simple Road to Healing

What is Gong Therapy

In a face-paced world, we often find ourselves rushing, forgetting, multi-tasking and increasing our stress levels. For the adventurous spirit, there are alternative techniques to traditional meditation, pain medication and a relaxing day at the spa. Gong therapy is a therapeutic technique used to heal.  Gong therapy, also known as a gong bath, is said to decrease tension, anxiety and alleviate symptoms of depression through repeated practice. Constant exposure to sound therapy helps to break up emotional stress, which is something we could all use a little bit of!

A gong bath literally means to be bathed and showered in sound waves. So we aren’t speaking in literal terms or showering in water and musical instruments! Gong therapy is conducted by a music therapist or healer. This is someone who is specifically trained in the practice of sound therapy.

Gongs tuned in C and D are said to have the best healing properties. The Paiste Symphonic Gong is an effective gong during sessions. They have dynamic and rich tones, creating an environment to sooth and deepen the healing process.

The Process

Gong therapy begins with light exercise as guided by the healer. The healer will guide the participant through a series of intention settings to ensure the session is successful. Lights dim and a trance (of sorts) occurs.

As the participants lays down on a soft mat, the alpha brain wave state is achieved. This state is followed by the Theta brainwave state.  The Alpha waves fall between 8 and 12 Hz. This is referred to as a daydreaming and imaginative state. Associative thinking “makes associations between a between a given subject and all pertinent present factors without drawing on past experience.” Alpha waves are present in states of relaxation and continue throughout the duration of gong therapy.

Lastly, the body experiences Theta waves. These are brainwaves between 4 and 7 Hz. Theta waves are what we experience during our dreamy state (REM sleep). This, too, is attainable through gong therapy. It’s a moment to step out of the current moment and into a deeper level of consciousness.

The Benefits Felt Soon Afterwards

After a gong therapy session is complete, its participants feel the benefits. The digestive system is calm, clear and functioning at a more effective rate. The pathways of energy are loosened, causing more energy to flow through the body. Back pain alleviates and with repeated treatments, energy channels open and help circulate blood. Overall health becomes better and more manageable.

Gong Therapy is an ancient technique. Even today, its techniques are used to heal everyday stressors and more complex ailments.

For more information about the power of intention and how to set intention before trying gong therapy, click here.


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