How to Heal With Sound Therapy

Healing through music is a relatively new . Music therapists have a deep understanding of their craft and its impact on healing.

The select few studies out there support the theory that music and sound heals. One of which is Harvard, who has worked diligently to study music therapy and its impact on pain and overall wellness. Music is shown to improve physical pain, increase quality of life and restore lost or damaged speech. The extent of which instruments help heal is still being researched. But if one thing is true, it’s that music provides an overall sense of joy, spiritual healing and overall pleasure.

Instruments to Try

The Gong

We’ve all most likely heard the sound of a gong. A gong is usually heard in spiritual setting such as a temple or shrine. It’s often heard during the start or end of a yoga session. Gong therapy (or a gong bath) is used to holistically heal. There are many different types of gongs. The Chiron gong is known as the wounded Healer. This gong is said to help bring meaning when experiencing difficult situations.

The Kalimba

The kalimba is a traditional African musical instrument. It consists of a wooden board with staggered metal tines. The instrument is played by plucking the tines with the thumbs. It’s a powerful instrument for sound therapy. It has many ranges of sound, which are comparable to the range of emotions we often experience.

The Crystal Harp

The crystal harp has a crystalline sound and unique timbre. It can be played resting on the ground or against the body like a traditional harp. Many crystal harps are comprised of eight quartz crystal tubes that are tuned precisely to the C major scale. It is said to calm the emotions and play a variety of tones that ruminate with the pituitary gland.
If you’re suffering from an ailment, physical or mental illness, consider music or sound therapy as an alternative healing method. The American Music Therapy Association is a great resource for locating a music therapist.


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