Call for Submissions!

HEAL(er) mag is a new venture of mine.  I created a site dedicated to writings about healing (anything and everything). It’s BRAND new, brand spanking new. As in, I’m still making changes. For the time being, I am looking for submissions to get some content on the site. IF you would like, please submit a work of yours, whether that be poetry, a short story or a story of fiction.

Submit here!


3 thoughts on “Call for Submissions!

    1. Thanks for your interest! This is a VERY new online publication so it’s still being created and tweaked. I am looking for pieces about healing – whether that be physical, spiritual, your dog healing, whatever! I’m looking for pieces to be written in a creative tone (could be first person, fiction, a short story, poetry, etc). If you’re interested, please send any submissions to 🙂

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    2. Your post is live on the blog! I do apologize if there are formatting issues. I tried to fix them as best I could. I also included artwork — I hope that’s alright!


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