The Future of Food is Here

The future of food is now in digital format. MOLD designer, LinYee, is striving to share the future of food through digital media and bold content.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about edible packaging, how to reduce your carbon footprint as an restauranter (is that right?) or simply learn about the changes in food to expect as climate changes, MOLD is there to report on the distinct vision of food. Whatever the interest is, MOLD seeks to investigate and inform.

Their Kickstarter campaign does explains the need behind creating a magazine designed to tackle the future of food.

“By the year 2030, the United Nation predicts that there will be more people on this planet than we can feed. Technology and science can change how and what we eat, but design is critical in bringing these ideas together to create products that are elegant, intelligent and useful in combatting the coming food crisis. It is now more urgent than ever to engage in this conversation about the future of food.”

If you decide to back the project, you’ll be helping fund the first MOLD magazine (it might even be the second by the time this post rolls around to readers).

Here’s a little sneak peek into their future issues:

Issue 2: A Place at the Table – experimental utensils, virtual reality dining, furniture, synaesthesia, dining rituals

Issue 3: Waste Not Want Not – reducing food waste and introducing companies who seek to improve edible packaging.

The most thought-provoking issue looks like it has been saved for last: Terra Nova – farming on Mars, astronaut food and climate cuisine.

If the project is funded, expect all rewards to be executed. For $25, receive

  • A Print Edition of Issue #01
  • A Digital Copy of Issue #01
  • Access to Backer Updates

For $175, receive a private tour of Food and Drink with MOLD’s Editor and the Director of the Museum…(who even knew the Food and Drink Museum existed?!)

It gets more appetising as you go.

You can check out the project on Kickstarter here.

Photo: Kickstarter


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