Boxed. They’re Unbound

I bring you The Unbound Box: a box full of sex related items that show up to your door once a month. The Unbound Box was started by a group of New York women who felt overwhelmed by the toys and other gadgets in sex stores (but still wanted to feel liberated). The Unbound Box delivers items right to your door without the overwhelming feeling of selecting toys in a store.

Sexual accessories (nothing too pointy)

Unbound Box delivers high-quality products each month. Each subscription box is vastly different so don’t expect a vibrator each month. Expect products that challenge how you view sex. Expect a plate dazzled in boobs or a pocket of lube to hang around your neck for safe storage.

Boob balloons: if you have dreamed of having boobs on balloons for your next party, you can make that a reality. Boob balloons are $4 and well worth it. You get 8 in a package, so you’ll actually have 16 boobs flailing about.

Booty bomb tingle gel: gel for anal play. You might actually need this one. Your bottom will smell nice (hint: rosemary).

Adult mad libs: a good foreplay game.

Awake your clit: gel to get your clit moving.

Lube vile: hold your lube in a convenient tube.

Fusion dildo: a strap on for both giving and receiving.

Give back while getting off

The women at Unbound vow to donate 6.9% of profits towards non-profits that benefit women in wellness. There is a movement to change how women interact with their bodies and the sexual pleasures around them. They don’t specify which organizations they donate to, but I’m sure if you asked, they’d tell.

So it’s not a traditional subscription box service. It is definitely something great for women who love to explore and feel liberated sexually. Even if you don’t opt for this subscription services, their website has a lot of really great resources that can connect you to fun gifts for you, yourself or you + yourself.


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