A word we say

So often we feel

I will tell you, after these years

The word means nothing

When you haven’t ‘lived’

But means something when you’ve lifted your soul

Higher and higher

A concrete block lifted from beneath

The word ‘happy’ comes into clarity

Own Right

I want to smear this on my face,Start something new 

When I think about this,

And what it’s been 

I wonder how I’ve let it go so far

When I tried to tint the glass of my skewed view

I shown that even the hand that feeds you can get bitten 

And disgraced, it is,

To be called names that hurt deeper than spoken words

I won’t say that my sunset is pale or my sun is brighter 

It is an unlikely duo to be so sad

I am still sad,

In my own right 


Saturday is quiet 

In the sweetness of the grocery store

There is walk-in traffic, 

And moments of stillness 

As the world outside walks by.

What’s funny is the quality of life

The life of mine that has changed…

Since I gave up a job I was qualified for,

For one that I had little experience with

You might ask, “what am I doing?”

For that, I do not know

But in a moment of strength,

I had the power to choose my path,

Despite the questions.

Only to find more answers.