Protect Your Stretch

StretchSomething beautiful happens in the process of being a human. We stretch and we grow. Our small feet grow to the souls in which we walk on. We see our souls transition to adulthood and become suddenly wiser and more keen on the decisions we make.

The stretch marks that surround our bodies are stripes. They are stripes that symbolize the beauty of change. In every sense of the word, it is the skin that moves and changes.

It is the transformation from year to year and moment to moment. It is the single most beautiful way we can remember our past. It is a time capsule we hold close. It is a view into our scars that came and went.

It is I, the stretch mark, that clears the soul.


Dirty + Stale

Have you ever really felt nature on your toes?

Have you seen the grim captured by your 5 friends?

Have you smelled nature’s gift swoon over your smell?

It fears no one

It attaches to all. You breathe the air of our Mother

She leaves her earthly trail beneath your feet

You pick it up and smell its grace

It is you in your purest form