Quite Possibly 


Quite possibly the most challenging aspect of life hurdles from our deterioration. We’ve failed to see our food as medicine. We’ve failed to care for our elders. We’ve failed to see that we must care for one another.

We deteriorate quickly because we move too fast. We are quick to move, scramble and think about what’s ahead.

We’ve failed. Everyone deserves wellness. We are no elite. I stand in line at the natural grocers and think about how I am in the ‘fortunate class’. It is not fair that I can buy organic kale while there are those who do not know what kale is or its healing powers.

Is it fair that we’ve let our society deteriorate? No.

It is like this leaf that has curled up into a lifeless leaf. There might be a sliver of light left in its coils. But it’s mostly gone and mostly ready for another cycle of life.

How did we let it get this way?


A View on Minimalism and Wellness

Sophie O

In the second rendition of bloggers I admire, I’m featuring a woman named Sophie. She describes herself as a vegan, zero waste hero and minimalist.

I believe all of these things have lead me to live a more mindful life, taking great pleasure in making all things in my life intentional and curated. I find great peace in living this way and have found the act of de-cluttering and enjoying open spaces and clean aesthetics has brought me inner calm and joy.

I find her minimalist lifestyle fascinating as I feel it’s a lifestyle purposefully chosen with great attention to detail (in the most simplistic of ways, of course). Like many, she often asks herself, “Does this item add real value to my life? Will I be more content without the stuff? Will having fewer things add value to my life? What do I really need?” Her choices are deliberate. 

She’s used her platform on social media to educate her readers on the benefits of minimalism. She features everything from the minimalistic wardrobe to three ingredient meals that are delicious and simple.

Her overall lifestyle correlates to wellness; a journey I feel both her and I are on.

“Wellness is giving yourself what you need. What you truly need.”

Her routine grabbed my attention as it relates to her overall wellness and simplicity. The choices she makes each morning are conscious and clear.

“I wake up with the morning sun bright and energized. I always take a few moments to wake up by spending time cuddling with my cat and saying good morning to my partner. Then I’ll grab a drink of water, start breakfast and make a cup of tea. Making sure I spend time pampering myself by washing my face, brushing my teeth, applying oils and wearing something comfortable and soft is important to feeling great and starting my day taking care of me.” 

Thank you, Sophie, for sharing your insight into your routine and adding some clarity to mine!

Check her out on YouTube — she’s got some awesome Q&A’s!